Hard Times

It’s no secret that behind MusicSlashArt is the cities 44 outfit. From gallery, to creative and events, MSA has come to embody all these disciplines under one roof. Quite honestly there isn’t a project we’re more passionate about. When Steven and I departed on this journey we poured our heart and soul into the foundations, and left our hopes and dreams on the walls. However, for this next project in particular, i’ve taken more of a supportive role, Steven has taken it upon his shoulders, and between him and Mr Raine have wrestled Hard Times back into the light. 

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Packages for ya’ll to vibe with!

Introducing a little late night luxury into the basement agenda. Table packages without the stiff upper lip. Simply order, receive, make your own pivo, party of Wayne. No return to the bar, no unnecessary cueing, premium products, and mixers for ya’ll to vibe with.

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We pay homage to the dystopian world of Blade Runner for our 2017 NYE event. The brain child of Philip K Dick depicted in ‘Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep’, brought to screen by Ridley Scott, and later reimagined by Denis Villeneuve for 2049. A world that has been a firm part of our inspirational sphere spanning over three decades.Read More

The Upside Down

Inspired by the already cult classic ‘Stranger Things‘.
The Upside Down, Halloween special at MSA.
Saturday 29th October.

80’s Playlist.
with Jay Rockwell ++

We wanted to pay tribute not only to the TV series of the year but the 80’s genre as a whole.
From classic scary movies to a soundtrack that will prove to be the party of the city.
By transforming our basement into the upside down we encourage everyone to don their best horror attire, bring a torch, and join us in our journey into the Upside Down.



Space Dimension Controller

Following the success of our Second birthday party last summer with Mike Skinner & Murkage we eagerly anticipated the booking of our third birthday guest. We immediately set off in search of SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER and his “stratospheric take on alienated future funk and sci-fi-hi-fi boogie-infused techno”. Put simply we were in search of a talent out of this world. It was essential that whoever we booked would have to bring the party, therefore having our own Steven Dunn + friends simply sealed the deal.


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Signature Shake-up

With spring summer looming the team wanted to pull together a special selection of cocktails to bridge the gap to warmer days. Remixing and remastering old favourites with the accompaniment of some experimental flavours we’re pleased to present a new range of signatures on the cocktail menu. Boasting 241 before 10pm every night. No excuse not to try a few.


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